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illus HD

January 22, 2013 Leave a comment

illus HD is released on the iTunes store.  What is it?  It’s an iPad version of the illus iphone app.  Why did I release an HD version?  Well, I wanted to track down which iDevice is more profitable.  I have a sneaking suspicion that iPad apps are downloaded more and I am right.  My iPad apps are being downloaded more than my iPhone app by more than 2000%.

Also, I just wanted to release another quick app.  There is a problem with the app right now and it is really stumping me.  The app works great during development.  It works properly with the test iPad but when I release it to iTunes, one of the apps is not working properly.

I checked the code again and believe to have found a bug so I released a 2nd version of illus HD thinking that it is going to work.  The app worked great during test, mind you, but the 2nd version had the same problem as the 1st version.  The same app is not working properly.  It is not detecting touches whenever it is released on the iTunes store. 

So basically, I check and re-check the app.  Test it on my iDevice.  It works great.  Release it to iTunes.  Wait 1 week for app approval.  App gets released.  I download the app.  Cry miserably when that same portion of the app is not working properly.  This is getting to be a vicious and expensive version of debugging.

Well anyways, here’s the link to the app.  It’s FREE right now and surprisingly getting lots of downloads: