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Bobby Bits – A casually hard game – FREE

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Beware, Bobby Bit!

Watch out for those scary spikes and monsters. Jump over them at all costs.

The latest in extremely unreasonable hard casual yet addictive gaming. There are no flapping or birds in this game.

Touch the screen to make Bobby Bit jump. The longer you touch the screen the higher he jumps. Make sure he doesn’t hit the spikes above. Jump over those creepy and dangerous blocks. Time your jumps to land successfully.

Nerve wracking gameplay
Extremely addictive
Retro 8-Bit Look and Sound
Share with friends using Airdrop
Gamecenter Leaderboards and Challenges
Extra abilities to help you survive longer via in-app purchases

Illus – Interactive Art App Released

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Illus is an interactive piece of paper.  It is a piece of interactive part where you can draw images with a touch of your hand.  Illus features 4 pieces of interactive art.  Just rotate your phone to access the apps.

Interact, explore, and experience your sense of creativity and spontaniety.


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IMG_1862 IMG_1871
IMG_1868 IMG_1872



Illus-Netflix from Autologous Interactive on Vimeo.


1.0.0 – 10/23/12 – first version release


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New App Coming Soon

October 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Illus-Netflix from Autologous Interactive on Vimeo.

New app coming up.  Not officially launched.  Have to create the page and submit it to the App Store.  What do you guys think?