Tempvus is an interactive art project/toy involving flowfields.  It’s based on interaction-based behavior which manipulates the final output of the image.

You can interact with the app to add spinner objects, change the direction of the spin, thestrength of the spin force, change the color, or move the graviton object.


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sc3 sc4
sc1 sc2



  • single tap – add a spin object
  • double tap – move the graviton object
  • triple tap – reset particles
  • horizontal swipe on bottom half of the screen – set the spin direction of the next spin object
  • horizontal swipe on the top half of the screen – set the spin force of the next spin object
  • vertical swipe – change particle color range.  The location of the first touch of the swipe will determine which color value will be changed(R,G,B).


1.0.0 – 12.17.2010 – first version release

1.0.2 – 01.24.11 – conversion to universal app

1.0.5 – 03.13.11 – fixed flickering issue and made the app restart from the background

2.0.1 – 04.02.12 – backend improvements.  changed color scheme.

2.0.2 – 11.20.12 – i0s6 and iPhone 5 support added

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