Bobby Bits – A casually hard game – FREE

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Beware, Bobby Bit!

Watch out for those scary spikes and monsters. Jump over them at all costs.

The latest in extremely unreasonable hard casual yet addictive gaming. There are no flapping or birds in this game.

Touch the screen to make Bobby Bit jump. The longer you touch the screen the higher he jumps. Make sure he doesn’t hit the spikes above. Jump over those creepy and dangerous blocks. Time your jumps to land successfully.

Nerve wracking gameplay
Extremely addictive
Retro 8-Bit Look and Sound
Share with friends using Airdrop
Gamecenter Leaderboards and Challenges
Extra abilities to help you survive longer via in-app purchases

8 Bit Panic! Released

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illus HD Fixed

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Finally figured out what was wrong with the app.  I wasn’t submitting the right build.  I was submitting the debug build and not the distribution build.  The app is fixed now.  🙂



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illus HD

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illus HD is released on the iTunes store.  What is it?  It’s an iPad version of the illus iphone app.  Why did I release an HD version?  Well, I wanted to track down which iDevice is more profitable.  I have a sneaking suspicion that iPad apps are downloaded more and I am right.  My iPad apps are being downloaded more than my iPhone app by more than 2000%.

Also, I just wanted to release another quick app.  There is a problem with the app right now and it is really stumping me.  The app works great during development.  It works properly with the test iPad but when I release it to iTunes, one of the apps is not working properly.

I checked the code again and believe to have found a bug so I released a 2nd version of illus HD thinking that it is going to work.  The app worked great during test, mind you, but the 2nd version had the same problem as the 1st version.  The same app is not working properly.  It is not detecting touches whenever it is released on the iTunes store. 

So basically, I check and re-check the app.  Test it on my iDevice.  It works great.  Release it to iTunes.  Wait 1 week for app approval.  App gets released.  I download the app.  Cry miserably when that same portion of the app is not working properly.  This is getting to be a vicious and expensive version of debugging.

Well anyways, here’s the link to the app.  It’s FREE right now and surprisingly getting lots of downloads:


i0s6 and iPhone 5 Support Added

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I’m glad to announce that Gary Gravity!, iLLus, and Tempvus are all updated to support i0s6 and iPhone 5.  Check it out!

Illus – Interactive Art App Released

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Illus is an interactive piece of paper.  It is a piece of interactive part where you can draw images with a touch of your hand.  Illus features 4 pieces of interactive art.  Just rotate your phone to access the apps.

Interact, explore, and experience your sense of creativity and spontaniety.


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IMG_1862 IMG_1871
IMG_1868 IMG_1872



Illus-Netflix from Autologous Interactive on Vimeo.


1.0.0 – 10/23/12 – first version release


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New App Coming Soon

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Illus-Netflix from Autologous Interactive on Vimeo.

New app coming up.  Not officially launched.  Have to create the page and submit it to the App Store.  What do you guys think?

The Grind

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I love programming.  I have been coding since I was 8 years old.  I even went to school for it and got a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from a respectable university.  What did I do with all that coding knowledge and experience?  Well, I threw it away and started a career in Networking.

I started my career as a programmer but a need in the department for a Network Engineer arose and it forced me to transition to being a Cisco Network Engineer or lose my job.  Stability and money was big for me at the time so I decided to be a Network Engineer.  From that day on, I’ve hated my job. 

Over time, I grew to be good at Networking and maybe even came to like it a bit.  I can safely say that Networking is my best skill.  Unfortunately, it’s not what I love to do.  I still love programming but the reality is that I can make more money with my network skills than with my coding skills. 

I tried keeping my skills up.  I took an Enterprise Java programming course but I really didn’t want to be coding webpages.  During this time, the advent of Shockwave and Adobe Flash dawned on humanity and heralded the age of interactive websites.  I saw the potential with this type of media.  Not only can you make interactive websites but you can make games with these systems.  Unfortunately, I have such a low opinion on Flash because I found it to be infinitely slower than a JAVA Applet.  I never learned Flash and eventually decided to focus my skills on JAVA.

A friend of mine introduced me to Processing and finally I realized that I can make games with this elegant yet simple API.  I love Processing.  It makes sense.  Why re-make the JAVA language everytime you code?  Just organize your reusable code into libraries and simplify your process.

The Fabled Ghettos of Rockland County – Interactive Art Project

With Processing, I created numerous miniature interactive graphical programs;  Anywhere from User Interface experiments, algorithmic art, to data visualization.  I got caught up with coding art-based programs and eventually got good at it.  Some of my work was even selected for publications and exhibits.  Heck, I even got interviewed twice by magazines.  A hotel in Scotland made my artwork one of its murals.  This gave me an endless source of joy and satisfaction because I loved doing it and I’m getting paid for it.  Unfortunately, what I made from these projects was not enough to compare to what I draw from my current job as a Cisco Certified Network Practitioner.

In 2007, I got an iPhone and in 2008 Steve Jobs decided to release upon the mortals of this plane the API to create iPhone apps.  This got me really excited!  I wanted to get into this because that means there is  potential for exposure for my art-based apps.  Unfortunately, I found that you had to learn Objective C to code for Apple.  I hate C/C++.  I didn’t do too well with them in my University courses.  Because of this fear, I didn’t jump on the app coding wagon immediately.

It was only when I started seeing the stories about the AppStore millionaires did I decide to finally hunker down and re-learn C/C++.  I want to be a millionaire and I think the App Store is the best way for me to go.

My first program was a decent interactive app called Tempvus.  It was decent and it was my first.  It did well as a FREE app and is doing decent as a PAID app.  It’s still my best seller.  I originally wanted to call it Tempus but someone beat me to that name so I re-christened it as Tempvus.  My second App was an app called Grow Your Own.  This gave me my second wave of success.  It reached the Top 20 Free Apps and stayed there for a while with about 8000+ downloads a day.  I wasn’t getting any money but it’s good publicity for my art endeavors.  This app is now a paid app and it gets anywhere from zero to four downloads a day.

Other apps followed, all of which wasn’t successful as the first two.  It’s not deterring me because I love the process of coding.  I come home from work everynight and spend time with the family(they come first).  Once 8:30 PM come, I fire up the laptop and launch Xcode and start coding. 

I breakup my coding sessions into small and achievable goals.  For example, on day one of a project, my goal would be to setup the xCode framework.  On day two, I would get the splash screen on.  On day 34, I would add GameCenter capabilities, etc.  This way I do not go to bed feeling I didn’t accomplish anything.  The downside to this technique is that it really takes me a long time to finish a project.  Gary Gravity!  took me about 3 or 4 months to write.  That’s too long for a simple app like that. 

A side-effect of the prolonged development time is that I do get burned-out when I’m coding.  My mind starts wandering and yearning for other projects.  That’s where I’m at right now.  The Maze game is progressing  well but right now I want to work on other things.   I just need a break from that project.  For now, I’m going to use this break to code a really fast and simple art app.  Let’s see how this goes.  Hopefully it will be done within a month.

Where am I going with this?  Well, I’m hoping that one of my future apps will be a modest hit or make me a small fortune.  Enough money to make me quit my job and do this fulltime.  Right now, it is just not feasible.  What I make from Apps really doesn’t compare with how I do as a network engineer.  Considering I’m literally just squeezing in 20 minutes of coding time a day, I think I might do ok as a full-time coder.   I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.  One of these days you would be holding one of my apps on your iPhone.  When that day comes, feel  free to say hi.

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Gary Gravity! Version 1.0.3 is now FREE on iTunes

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Gary Gravity! Version 1.0.3 is now available on iTunes.  Download it now.  It’s FREE for ever.

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Cocos2d 0.99.5 and iAds

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Learning how to integrate iAds into a Cocos2d project was suprisingly more difficult than I thought.  There was not a lot of online documentation out there on how to integrate iAds in the most recent version of Cocos2d.  A lot of the tutorials out there were for an older version of Cocos2d and quite honestly, I didn’t want to invest the time and effort to try to convert pre-99.5 code to post 99.5 code.

Below is a link that I found that pretty much tells you how to integrate iAds into Cocos2d 0.99.5.  I literally copied and paste this snippet of code into my own with just a few minor revisions.  The revisions I made were really just iAd positioning.  Everything else on the code, was left as-is.  You can find the link here:

Many thanks to Gil from the Cocos2d for sharing this.